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Working with the community


At Mayfair Iconic Properties our approach to community investment is to make a positive and long-term commitment to the communities of each location, supporting sustainable relations and investment in the regions where we operate.

We work with partners who share our values and goals, collaborating with local people to address the unique needs of each location to help shape the future of an area, that enhances the local economy and is in keeping with community objectives.



Mayfair Iconic Properties vision is to build a sustainable future for each region through the creation of a series of interconnected tourism experiences that celebrate an area’s unique natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle and ecology by:

  • Building close and trusting relationships with the communities we operate in
  • Ensuring a sustainable build of infrastructure
  • Providing opportunities for our employees, partners and community to participate
  • Supporting the protection and conservation of the local unique biodiversity



At Mayfair Iconic Properties our goal is to have a positive impact on communities and contribute to their growth by creating significant employment for each region. Infrastructure upgrades will have a considerable role in helping to drive the local economy in each location not just through tourism but through supporting other local industries.

Indigenous Communities


Mayfair Iconic Properties support the preservation of culturally diverse communities and strive to contribute to stronger, more vibrant and culturally engaged regional communities by actively engaging with local indigenous communities to understand their needs, preserve their culture and showcase their heritage.

Community Investment Outcomes


  • Establishing close ties with our local communities to make a positive and lasting difference;
  • Supporting Indigenous communities to create a successful future for their families, communities and future generations;
  • Ensuring the sustainable build of infrastructure
  • Creating opportunities for communities to participate
  • Protecting the local unique biodiversity