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Dunk Island

Dunk Island

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Dunk Island, Australia


Set in the crystal azure waters of the Great Barrier Reef in far north Queensland, Dunk Island was once viewed as a crown jewel of Australian tourism before it was severely damaged by Cyclone Yasi in 2011.

Located just 4km from Mission Beach in the Cassowary Coast Region, the island covers 970 hectares of which two-thirds is declared National Park. The freehold development area features an airstrip, the Dunk Island Spit, camping facilities, walking tracks and a resort that has since been closed.

A once internationally acclaimed tourist destination, little work has gone into restoring this national treasure to its former status. Over time the rich treasures that Dunk has to offer – golden sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, walking tracks and breathtaking scenery – have been kept hidden from many Australian and international tourists.

It is with great privilege and respect that the Mayfair 101 Group, under its property division Mayfair Iconic Properties, has the opportunity to bring this piece of Australian heritage back to life with a multi-million dollar redevelopment plan that will turn the island into an iconic holiday destination for all the world to enjoy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to restore Dunk Island as the jewel in the crown of far north Queensland and make the Mission Beach region the Tourist Mecca of Australia.

Mayfair Iconic Properties is committed to achieve this vision by undertaking the following key initiatives:
  • Improve infrastructure to support population and tourism growth
  • Strategically plan and develop the Mission Beach region in a logical and cohesive manner
  • Integrate with the local community, the local Elders, environmental groups, Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Queensland Government and the Federal Government to achieve outcomes that balance stakeholder interests
  • Explore the rebuilding of the Dunk Island Resort given its long history with Australians and international guests
  • Identify and attract recognised and reputable global brands to the region including hotels, retail stores, and restaurants
  • Create a compelling proposition for entrepreneurs to relocate to the area to give the region a competitive edge with a forward-thinking community
  • Develop a cohesive marketing strategy for the region to build global awareness


The Mayfair Iconic Properties team have been working with award-winning architects, internationally recognised hotel chains, the Cassowary Coast Regional Council and to deliver a design that complements and enhances the local region.


Our vision is to deliver an environmentally sustainable ecosystem for the island by utilising the latest in energy, waste treatment, building technology and design principles. It is our objective to achieve a minimal carbon footprint, making this one of the first developments of its kind in a significant tourism-focused region.

Expressions of Interest

As one of the most iconic pieces of real estate in Australia, Dunk Island has historically proven the international demand it can generate for visitors seeking a world-class experience. This demand naturally extends to the entire Mission Beach region, providing substantial flow-on benefits to the local economy, which will assist with achieving our vision for making this the Tourist Mecca of Australia.

If you are interested in joining us to achieve our vision, please follow the link below to register your interest.