In recent months Mayfair 101 Group’s Australian property portfolio has grown considerably following the recent purchase of Dunk Island and ongoing acquisitions of over 250 properties in Mission Beach.
The Mayfair Iconic Properties team has been busy developing its plans and engaging key stakeholders to deliver on our vision to make the region Australia’s tourism mecca.

Key milestones achieved in the region

Since Mayfair 101 announced that it was the successful purchaser of Dunk Island in September 2019, the Group has achieved the following milestones:

  • settled the purchase of Dunk Island;
  • completed settlement for over 100 properties in Mission Beach;
  • commenced collecting rental income from its portfolio of residential and commercial properties;
  • opened the Mayfair Iconic Properties office in the heart of Mission Beach;
  • established a team of 15 staff across Mission Beach and Dunk Island;
  • secured major investment from various family offices and high net worth individuals;
  • commissioned an environmental study to map the habitats of local wildlife;
  • held a launch event attended by over 250 people to celebrate the re-birth of Dunk Island;
  • engaged diligently with the local community and key stakeholders including local, State and Federal Governments; and
  • generated considerable interest from national and international media, with news coverage estimated to have reached in excess of 390 million people.
As we hoped when we first started investing in the Mission Beach area, the progress we have made over the last four months has led to renewed interest in the Mission Beach region, a meaningful increase in property prices, greater liquidity in the property market, and significant community support for Mayfair 101’s initiatives. It is an exciting time for the community and an investment that we believe has a strong social impact by improving the lives of those affected by the natural disaster that struck the region in 2011.
At the front of our minds are the many Australians who have had their lives disrupted in a similar way in recent weeks by the devastating bush fires, and we very much hope for those regions that it doesn’t take as long for matters to be properly attended to, as it did for Mission Beach.

What can stakeholders expect in 2020

2020 will be an exciting time for Mayfair 101 and the Mission Beach community. This year Mayfair 101 and the Mayfair Iconic Properties team look forward to delivering the following key outcomes:

  • formally announcing the Group’s plans for Dunk Island;
  • opening the Dunk Island Spit bar in June 2020, including a bar & cafe, camping and BBQ facilities;
  • increasing the pool of available holiday rentals to cater to growing visitor numbers;
  • commencing sand replenishment on Dunk Island;
  • further strategic planning and commencement of development and renovation of key sites;
  • furthering our successful discussions with local, State and Federal authorities regarding the rejuvenation works;
  • strategically increasing the Group’s property holdings further in the region
  • launching a revitalised “Dunk Island” brand;
  • implementing a cohesive marketing strategy for the region; and
  • further growing the Mayfair Iconic Properties team.
These initiatives should further propel the Mission Beach region forward, creating employment opportunities, stimulating economic growth and attracting renewed interest from local and overseas travellers in the region. We are delighted and feel priviledged to have this opportunity to bring the region back online for all Australians and the many international guests we expect will visit this iconic part of Australia.