ArchitectGary is a specialist resort architect and successful developer in his own right who brings an impressive mix of creativity, innovation, vision and highly developed business acumen to the company.

Having designed over 15 developments in resort islands along the Queensland coast, including many iconic resorts in Port Douglas, Gary brings an unparalleled amount of talent and expertise in premium tourism real estate, with developments totalling billions of dollars.

Gary is passionate about designs that are in total empathy with their surrounds. As leisure is becoming an ever important counterpoint to the stresses of modern living, he has spent a considerable portion of his professional life designing resorts and tourism infrastructure that stimulate experiences and give joy to travellers.

His passion is finding that perfect balance between creativity, environmental sensitivity, excellence in design and cost-effective solutions.

With a history including a number of years as Senior Partner in a 300+ international multidisciplinary architectural firm and nearly 30 years as the Principal of Hunt Design, he has a tremendous body of work measured in billions of dollars.

Current projects include the recently-opened Daydream Island Resort, Flynn (a 310-suite 5 star Hotel in Cairns), an uber-luxury boutique Lodge on Pelorus Island and the rebirth of Silky Oaks Lodge as a premium Baillie Lodges offering.

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